Would you survive the end of the world?

After finishing our training course,

the answer will be most definitely perhaps.

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How it Works

Gathering the Friends


your friends

The number one most rhyming rule for apocalypse survival is don't go solo. Don't have any friends? How about tolerable coworkers? Or random people from the internet? They’ll do.


Assemble your
survival kit

These kits contain everything you'll need to solve the challenges, plus a whole bunch of other stuff we didn't have room for in the garage. Order one from us or build it yourself.



Message us when you're ready to start. Then work with your team to survive the scenario. Top teams will win highly useful survival gear (also sourced from our garage).

Apocalypse Alone?Or, the perils of going solo

Crossing East Agony Lake

Fig 1a: Alone
Goin Solo
Fig 1b: With friends

Eating Spoiled Food

Fig 2a: Alone = Very Sick
Eating Alone
Fig 2b: With friends = Not Quite as Very Sick
Eating with Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the two questions we have ever been asked.
  • Who are the Citizens For a Friendlier Post-Apocalypse?

    Following a confusing election cycle, we rose to power on our single-issue, semi-transparent platform of optional (mandatory) apocalypse survival training for all citizens. We believe—nay, know—that the world will end soon. And thanks to us, everybody will be prepared.

    But it's not enough to prepare for the end of the world. Can we make the end of the world a better place than the non-end of the world? Can we make it a friendlier place? Our answer is yes.

    After much refinement and many, many deadly errors, we have created the most perfectly friendly apocalypse survival training course around. We've made it accessible. We've made Apocalypse Made Easy!

    Divided into convenient probable disaster scenarios, Apocalypse Made Easy! is a team-based, hands-on training course delivered by non-other than Boris, the text messaging robot.

    The Platform
  • When will the training course be ready?

    The course will launch April 2018.

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