Made Easy!

Funded by the Movember Foundation

is an outdoor, team-based apocalypse survival training course that runs in your phone's browser. It's free, and no longer very deadly.

Funded by the Movember Foundation
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Apocalypse Made Easy! East Agony Lake
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Pie Trap!

1.Gather your friends!

The number one most rhyming rule for apocalypse survival is don't go solo. Don't have any friends? How about tolerable coworkers? Or random people from the internet? They’ll do.

Travel in style!

2.Choose a scenario!

Create a team and pick from four different apocalypse scenarios running in Vancouver and Kelowna. Each one focuses on a separate skill. Then take your phones and travel to the start point to get… started. How you get there is up to you.

Garbage Can Fire with Friends!

3.Start surviving!

Work with your team to progress through the challenges and survive the scenario. The swiftest and highest-scoring teams will win useful survival kits filled with stuff we didn't have room for in the garage.



  • How does the training course work?

    Create or join a team of 2 to 5 people. Then choose from four different scenarios, each focusing on a separate aspect of doomsday preparedness and/or survival. Take your phones and travel to the starting point. An AI named BORIS will send your first instructions straight to your phone’s web browser. Work together to navigate the scenario and interpret BORIS' confounding statements. And do all of that accurately and promptly, as you’re being judged and timed.

  • Who are the Citizens for a Friendlier Post-Apocalypse?

    Following a confusing election cycle, we rose to power on our single-issue, semi-transparent platform of optional (mandatory) apocalypse survival training for all citizens. We believe—nay, know—that the world will end soon. And thanks to us, everybody in participating cities will be prepared.

    But it's not enough to prepare for the end of the world. Can we make the end of the world a better place than the non-end of the world? Can we make it a friendlier place? Our answer is yes. After much refinement and many, many deadly errors, we have created the most perfectly friendly apocalypse survival training course around. We've made it accessible. We've made Apocalypse Made Easy!

  • Where is the training course available? And what's it cost?

    It hasn't launched yet. But it will soon be available in Vancouver and Kelowna, Canada. If you live anywhere other than those two places, you will sadly perish during the coming apocalypse due to lack of training. However, you may wish to sign up to get notified if the course comes to your city. Assuming the world isn’t over by then. It probably will be.

    The cost is free! We might even pay you to do it. But you will need mobile data. Each scenario uses about 0.005 gb, which is roughly equal to 1 streamed song. But the true cost is if you don’t participate and are ill-prepared for the end. That cost is astronomical.

  • What are some of the many perils of trying to survive the apocalypse alone?

    The perils are too many to list. The perils are too many to list. The perils are too many to list. The perils are too many to list. The perils are too many to list. The perils are too many to list. The perils are too many to list. The perils are too many to list. The perils are too many to list. The perils are too many to list. The perils are…