Press Kit

Apocalypse Made Easy! is a free, outdoor, team-based apocalypse survival training course that runs in your phone's browser. It's a Social Innovators Challenge Project funded by the Movember Foundation and created at the University of British Columbia. You can play it in Vancouver and Kelowna.

How it works

Participation requires a team of 2 to 5 people. Teams then choose from four scenarios, each focusing on a separate aspect of doomsday preparedness and/or survival. Once they’ve chosen, they take their phones and head to the scenario start point. The scenarios range in length from 40 to 100 minutes. Scenarios require mobile data but will use less than 5 MB each.

When they arrive, an “AI” named BORIS assigns each player a unique role and sends them their first instructions. Teams then work together to navigate the scenario, solve challenges, and interpret BORIS’ confounding statements.

Where to play

Vancouver, BC

  1. Living Off the Land: Stanley Park
  2. Earthquake Preparedness: SE False Creek Seawall
  3. Group Survival: UBC Main Mall
  4. Finding Water: Pacific Spirit Park

Kelowna, BC

  1. Wildfires: Knox Mountain Park
  2. Finding Water: Downtown/Cultural District
  3. Living Off the Land: Mission Creek Park
  4. Group Survival: UBC Okanagan

Project Credits

  • Production
  • Braden MacDonald, Programmer
  • Rita Fei, Artist
  • Matthew Parsons, Writer
  • David Marino, User Researcher
  • Andrew Munroe, Producer
  • Research
  • Peter Klein, Principal Investigator
  • Dr. Barbara Riley, Evaluation Co-Lead
  • Matt Healey, Evaluation Co-Lead

Project Background

The Social Innovators Challenge, of which Apocalypse Made Easy! is part, was initiated in 2015 when the Movember Foundation called for innovative, outside-the-box ideas for game-changing products or services which could increase the quantity and quality of men’s relationships, and thereby improve their mental wellbeing. Proposals were reviewed by a third-party panel of subject matter experts that included representation from across the world. 13 projects based in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom receiving pilot funding under the Social Innovators Challenge.

This description was taken from the Movember Foundation website.

Partner Organizations

  • Movember Foundation, Funder
  • Global Reporting Centre at UBC, In-kind Supporter
  • Stanley Park Ecology Society, Content and Promotional Patner
  • City of Vancouver, Content and Promotional Partner
  • Regional District of Central Okanagan, Content Partner