Win Survival Prize Packs!

Between August 1 and August 19, 2019, teams that complete an Apocalypse Made Easy! scenario will be entered into a draw to win an apocalypse survival prize pack. (Plus a survival prize pack to the highest-scoring team!)

NOTE: To qualify to win a survival prize pack, your team must completely walk through a given scenario's route outdoors while you play. Players who have already won a survival prize pack are not eligible to win another.

Start surviving today! Questions? Email us [email protected].

  • Kit Contents
  • - Drybag
  • - Waterproof refillable lighter
  • - Parsley seeds, soil, hanger, and planter
  • - Guide to knot-tying
  • - Paracord
  • - Emergency blanket/tent
  • - Thriving during the Apocalypse booklet
Apocalypse Made Easy! Survthrival Prize Pack
Kit design and photo by Kathleen Westerhout.

How to partcipate

  1. Gather a group of 2-5 friends or family members
  2. Pick a scenario and head to the starting point
  3. Sign up and use your generated team code to join the same team
  4. Follow the directions and see if you can complete the tasks and learn the skills necessary to survive

For more info, visit the home page.

Where to play

Vancouver, BC

  1. Living Off the Land: Stanley Park
  2. Earthquake Preparedness: SE False Creek Seawall
  3. Group Survival: UBC Main Mall
  4. Finding Water: Pacific Spirit Park

Kelowna, BC

  1. Wildfires: Knox Mountain Park
  2. Living Off the Land: Mission Creek Park
  3. Finding Water: Downtown/Cultural District
  4. Group Survival: UBC Okanagan
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